Kings from the East: “to be or not to be”

Fly. Dead fly

This brief article is a reflection on Rev 16:12 and on what is going on in the world, and on what is it that you and me can do about it, if we care. I had it written today, as I’ve been staying home, sick and tired of another flu. The flu, however, didn’t affect my discernment, yet be-stowed on me some extra time that I greedily use to put in writings what’s been long on my mind and on my heart. To those interested in prophecies, or, at least, in simply surviving whatever is coming our way, I’m writing this brief article. Please, share it, if you like, especially if you have Christian friends who believe the way most Ameri-can Christians believe. If they will have questions, you can probably answer those, or let them contact me via facebook, for instance. I’m easy to find.

Sincerely yours, Pastor Oleg Zhigankov

North Bay, May 4, 2017

War or Peace?

There are certain prophetic delusions shared by nearly all North American Christians that have a potential of sparkling the Third World War, or else – Armageddon. In this brief essay, I’ll touch just on one of those. Great evil might be yet avoided, if this small, yet fatal error be ter-minated. The reading will take you five minutes. The ben-efits, if you care, might be of eternal scale.

Theology is not some exotic, uncertain, fanciful thing that interests few. Theology has a profound impact even on those, who are not consciously aware of it. The aware-ness of the extent of the theological influence does not necessarily eradicate the errors that might come with it. What people believe guides the course of their thoughts and their actions, and, ultimately, the course of the world events. If many people come to believe something, things happen. Good things, or bad things, and even very, very bad things. Looking at the vanished great civilizations of the past we might with a high degree of accuracy to rea-son, that the great falls were caused by series of misguid-ed actions taken because of some wrongful perception, possibly caused by the false religious beliefs. So, here we are, on a brink of the Great War and Collapse, yet speedi-ly proceeding along the paths of the vanished civiliza-tions. The Word of God is aware of it, and all it has to offer is the truth, capable of setting people free from the bondage of fears, propaganda, and erroneous concepts.

I suggest we look at just one detail that has a potential of an antidote to the most common prophetic error and, possibly, even to the devastating, ruinous consequences this error might bring upon all of us.

On the Dead Flies

Christian values and perspectives of the leaders of the American nation today are not likely too different from those shared by the mainstream American Protestantism. Which I generally applaud. However, not all of the views and understandings of popular all-American Protestantism could or should be welcomed by Bible believing Chris-tians. Particularly I’m referring to the extremely biased and aggressive non-biblical take by the mainstream Amer-ican Protestantism on some of the prophecies. “Dead flies putrefy the perfumer’s ointment, and cause it to give off a foul odor; so does a little folly to one respected for wis-dom and honor” (Ecc 10:1). Instead of criticizing a foul odor of today’s American Dream, an odor caused by the dead flies of intentional prophetic errors, I want to re-move by means of this article at least one rotten fly out of the sweet prophetic honey.

So, what is this tragic prophetic blunder that I consid-er more dangerous to the people of the world, that hun-dreds of atomic bombs? This one is so obvious and so er-ratic, yet, so consequential for human race, that, I hope, even those who used to habitually swallow it before would now be able to recognize it. Later will be too late.

* * *