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About the project

Russia and the USA

This site is mostly on historiosophy – the philosophical and the theological interpretation of the course of history and historical events. To discover the biblical Matrix of History is to provide the truth historiosophy of history. To this task, to the task of discovering of the Biblical Matrix of History, through the studies of the sacred history and typology, prophecies and history. That will help us to see the course of history through the different, biblical eyes.

Specifically this site is dealing with the historiosophy of Russia. If there is one particular theological or metaphysical principle that helps us to approach history in general, and history of some elect nations in particular, it is the biblical typology of Old and New Israel as the sacred history. The history of the New Israel (Christian Church represented by individuals and people groups) is a typologically superior fulfillment of the Old Testament sacred history of Israel. The individual prophecies seem to support this view. It provides the broad historiosophical context for reading and interpreting the past, present, and future history of humankind in general and some elect nations, marked at the biblical prophecies, in particular.

But this is not the only emphasis of this site. It’s author, Pastor Oleg Zhigankov, PhD, shares here his new books, articles, notes, video programs aimed at promoting peace between the nations, and at promoting Christianity, the Bible, and, particularly, its prophecies. The author of this site believes that the prophecies, especially those in relation to our days, might be of crucial importance for many people’s lives.

The author is also presenting some interesting episodes from Russian history. The author of this project considers the country of Russia as the country of the great spiritual potential, that is yet to be revealed to itself and to the world. If my notes, and books, and movies, and articles will somehow draw you closer to God and His prophetic Word, and into better, positive relationship with your brothers and sisters (including those in Russia), I’ll be honored and satisfied.

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