About the Last Russian Tsar

About the Last Russian Tsar

The last Russian Tsar. Nikolay

The fate of the last Russian Sovereign and his family from the terrestrial perspective is depressing: it appears to be a complete defeat, death and devastation. Yet, from the perspective of Heaven, it is one of the greatest spiritual victories in history that has been accomplished by God fearing and righteous Family of the last Russian Tsar. The Family has stepped on the royal path leading to the Cross and to the martyrdom.

Most of the resources on this site are still in Russian. But the English version has also been growing daily. At this resource we’ll be talking about the Russian and World history from the Biblical perspective (including the one concerning honoring one’s King). We’ll also closely discuss such an important Biblical concept as Martyrdom. To this purpose my book “Martyrs’ Revelation” is dedicated.

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