About Russia

About Russia

Russia and the USA

Russia is one country that has been consistently misrepresented by many leading mass media agencies, and, as a result, misunderstood by many good meaning people. For the large part such misunderstanding is due to the info war against Russia, which is a part of the greater info war – against the Christianity and against the Christian principles.

Yet, even among the Christians there is much misunderstanding about Russia. First, because of the biased info sources. Second, because of the false prophetic picture that many Protestant churches have adopted regarding Russia. In our resource we’ll address those issues, as we will carefully look into different end-time prophecies and how they’ve been interpreted by the biased, politicised popular commentators.

Also, we’ll be asking ourselves some new questions: Are there any real prophecies in the Bible about Russia? What is the future of Russia? The Old Testament apocalypse of Daniel, and the New Testament apocalypse of John project a grand panoramic picture of the history of mankind on the eve of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. The culmination of these prophecies is the coming of the mysterious Kings from the East. Their biblical and historical identify and mission, as well as their place in the apocalyptic picture will also be a matter of our discussion here.

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